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Ivan Choupenitch


Ivan Choupenitch was born in Belarus. From 1972 till 1977 he studied at school of Music of Pinsk. In 1979 he continued he education at Musical Conservatory of Brest. In 1981 he entered The State Belarussian Academy of Music named after Lunacharsky (professor L. Ivashkov), and finished it in 1986. Since 1991 till 1994 he studied at the Musical Academy of Arts in Italia (Ossimo) by professors Celetti, Melani, Tonini, Zedda, Anissimov. During 1992 he was taking singing lessons from Maestro Franco Corelli. Ivan Choupenitch begins his professional carreer in 1985, working at the State Academic Big Theater of Operra and Ballet of Belarus. At the same time he is a leading singer of Janatchek Opera in Brno (Czech Republic). He took part in many singing competitions and in many festivals of opera music. In 1984 he won the title of the III Prize Winner at the 7th National Competition of singers in Minsk (Belarus), the same year he became the II Prize Winner of International Competition of Opera singers in Riga (Latvia). In 1984 he won special prize and the title of the Winner of the 11th International Competition of singers, named after Glinka (in Armenia). In 1991 he became the IV Prize Winner of the International Competition of singers in Castelina in Chianti Rocca della Macie (Italy). In 1992 he won the III Prize and the title of the Winner at the International Competitions of the tenors named after Benjamino Gigly in Recanati (Italy). Ivan Choupenitch has sang in many theatres of the world, for example in Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland, Japan, Great Britain and Ireland (Lensky, Turridu, False Dimitry) with Opera Ireland under conductor Alexamder Anissimov. Boris Godunov in Finlandia, with Finnish National Opera under conductor Leif Segerstam, Don Carlo in Italy, with Teatro di San Carlo, Napoli, doppio di don Carlo under conductor Gabrielle Ferro. Prokofiev's Maddalena in UK with London Filharmonic Orchestra under conductor Gennadij Rozdestvenski. In concert he has sung in Mozart's Requiem, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Rachmaninov's The Bells, Rossini's Stabat Mater and Orff's Carmina Burana. He has also appeared on radio and television.